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About NCH&C’s Sure Start Children’s Centres

Sure Start Children’s Centres support expectant parents, babies and children up to the age of five, and their families. 

Our aim is to help babies and young children to develop in the best way they can, physically, socially and in their early learning so that they can flourish at home, and when they go to school.

In our Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust Children’s Centres we do this by bringing together health and family support services, as well as having strong links with childcare and early education. Our Children’s Centre services include:

  • Our integrated teams include a variety of professionals who provide joined up care to your family. When specialist guidance is needed, you may be supported by experts such as our Speech and Language Therapists, or we can help you to access other services.
  • Support for parents, including advice on parenting and access to specialist services for families
  • Support and advice on how to access early education and childcare, including our own on-site nurseries at Bowthorpe and Thetford
  • Support and advice to help parents with money management, learning opportunities and getting into work, with links to the localJobcentre Plus
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About our staff

North Lynn Staff

Staff at our Children’s Centres have expertise to provide support and guidance to families with children of all ages.

Our teams include Family Support Workers and Centre Support Workers who are able to offer support in the home and in groups and activities at the Children’s Centres. 

Our Speech and Language Therapists focus on early speech and language development and are available to offer advice not only to families, but also to other professionals who come into contact with babies and children.

About our activities

About us activities

Our programme of free activities offers a wide variety of groups designed to meet the needs of parents and children at all their different developmental stages. Many of our sessions are available to drop in, while others must be booked at the Centre or are offered on a referral basis. 

Our aim is to make our activities inclusive for all children regardless of ability, however if you or your child has any specific needs or require additional support to access our services please just let your local Centre know and we will be able to help.

For details of which activities are available and when they are offered by your local Centre, please check the calendar on the page of the Centre you are interested in.

For a full list of the activities we offer visit our Activities page

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