The care we offer

Our specialist teams provide personalised health and care services to our patients from more than 70 different services across Norfolk.

We believe that you are better served within your own community. This belief means we work hard to bring our expert care to you, close to where you live and work, in our community hospitals, within GP surgeries and even in your own home.

In the Care we offer section you can find information on all of the services we provide, whether they are in our centres of care, community hospitals or clinics in the community. You can also find information on a range of conditions from long term conditions and therapies to short term health issues and parenting advice.

The quality of our services and the experience of our patients is what counts the most, so we regularly ask you to tell us if you’re satisfied with the care you’ve received and how we can further improve our services. Read more about our commitment to encouraging our patients to feedback their experiences.

Services and Conditions

Getting to your appointment

Our services

Search for the service you have been referred to and find out how to get to your appointment.

Conditions and available services


Search for information on your condition and link to the services that can help.

A-Z of Services

A-Z of services

You can search for information about the services we provide in the Getting to your appointment box to the left. 

If you're not sure of the name of the service you are looking for, you may find it easier to search our A to Z list of services. 

Conditions finder

Conditions finder

You can search for a range of health conditions in our A-Z of conditions. The conditions pages will also link you to the services that NCH&C provide that are related to that condition.

Patient experience

Patient's voice

The quality of our services and the experience of our patients is what counts the most. What our patients tell us about our services helps us to further improve our services.

Service events

Service events

Our services often run events for their patients, such as lung tests on COPD Day, diabetes checks or general open days and garden Parties. Keep an eye on the service events calendar for events close to you. 

Privacy Notices Relating to Our Services

Privacy Notices relating to our services and any changes associated with the way we process information about our patients

Privacy Notices Relating to Our Services


Advance care planning

Advance Care Planning is a process of discussion between you and those who provide care for you. Read more...

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