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Work experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to organise work experience?
Work experience will take a minimum of nine weeks to arrange, so if you are planning on doing this, please send your application form in as soon as possible. You will need to provide a reference and ID checks prior to starting your work experience placement.

How long can work experience be?
Work Experience can last from a day up to two weeks (75 hours) and will be purely observational.

How old do I have to be to undertake work experience?
The minimum age for clinical work experience is 16 and there is no upper age limit; however, you can do Administrative work experience in a non-patient facing environment at the age of 14.

Why would Work Experience benefit me?
Work experience is key to finding out if a career is the right one for you and many employers and Universities look favourably on experience from their applicants.

What are NCH&C’s expectations of Work Experience candidates?
At NCH&C we look for commitment from our work experience candidates, which includes following our Trust policies and demonstrating our core values and behaviours.

 What Can Work Experience Provide Me With?

  • Real life experience
  • Introduction to working environment
  • Awareness into the variety of careers in the NHS
  • Chance to improve key skills and employability
  • Work experience helps build confidence

Contact Us
For more information about work experience at Norfolk Community Health and Care or for an application form please contact:

Career Development Team
Norwich Community Hospital, Bowthorpe Rd, Norwich, NR2 3TU

Telephone: (01603) 272592 / 272593


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Work experience

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