Staff make pledges in NHS Fab Change Week

Staff make pledges in NHS Fab Change Week

Staff from Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust (NCH&C) have been taking part in NHS Fab Change Week this week (13-17 November), with the aim of improving outcomes and experience for both patients and staff.

During the week staff have been asked to make a pledge with these aims in mind, demonstrating how simple, individual pledges can add up to make positive changes to working in and being cared for by the NHS.

Izzy Noel, Speech and Language Therapist, said, “I pledge to listen to problems my colleagues have and to try and think of positive, constructive solutions,” while Health Ambassador Co-ordinator Paul Martin, said, “I pledge to create more NHS job opportunities through my partnership working with other organisations and to share these experiences as best practice”.

Other pledges from across the organisation ranged from, “To help others go away with a smile,” to “To volunteer to assist with lunch time meals once a week on Alder Ward”.

Chief executive Roisin Fallon-Williams pledged, “To spend more time supporting staff to deliver compassionate care in our communities in increasingly creative ways”.

She went on to say, “It’s great that we have had staff from all areas of the organisation making pledges to do their bit to make the NHS a better place. NHS Fab Change Week is a fantastic way to get everyone to think about how their own simple pledge can have a lasting effect on the organisation”.

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