Keep Well

Keeping you well

More people in Norfolk are living with long term conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease and our population of frail and elderly people is also growing.

Our Trust offers excellent services to people right across Norfolk but there is also a lot you can do to take control of your health and help yourself to stay as well as possible.

Living a healthy lifestyle is an important part of keeping well for everyone, whether that is deciding to quit smoking, eat more healthily or get more exercise.

You can also help prevent health problems developing in the first place by staying warm in winter and having your flu jab and stopping the beginnings of pressure ulcers.

Take control of your health and enjoy life to the full.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcer

Pressure ulcers affect people with health conditions that make it difficult to move. Find out what you can do to prevent developing a pressure ulcer.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

You are four times more likely to quit with professional support. Contact Smokefree Norfolk for expert advice to help you kick the habit. Contact Smokefree Norfolk today

Winter health

Snow Day

Winter needn't be the unhealthiest time of year. You can keep healthy and fit, no matter what the weather's like. Visit the NHS Choices website for top tips.

Ongoing support and advice for families

Health Visitors

Our expert Health Visiting Service offers support and advice to pregnant women and families with children under 5 years old. Find out about the support in your area.

Take steps to avoid a fall

Conditions finder

We work with people to reduce their risk of having a fall so they can maintain a healthy, independent, safe and secure life at home. Speak to our Falls Service to find out more.

Summer health

Patient's voice

People are being urged to stay well during the great British summer and to follow national advice and NHS tips to guard against sunburn, dehydration and sunstroke.

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