Choose your Membership

Choose your membership

As a member, it is up to you how you get involved.

You may want to:

 Receive information about our Trust and our work
 Attend events or open days
 Fill in questionnaires and surveys
 Help us with fundraising activities
 Be consulted on changes or improvements to local services
 Take part in focus groups

At NCH&C we know that different things suit different people. So, we’ve come up with three ‘types’ of membership, so you can decide how actively involved you’d like to be in our Trust.

membership friends

Community Friends

As a ‘Friend’, we’ll keep you in the loop.

We’ll send you occasional news and information via newsletters or email updates.

We will let you know about events which might interest you.

membership champions

Community Champions

As a ‘Champion’, you’ll have more of a chance to get involved and you may be willing to donate your time or skills.

You will still receive news and updates from our Trust, but you may also be invited to take part in surveys from time to time, or to share your views on plans to develop services.

You will also be invited to come along to any Members’ events or open days taking place within our Trust.

Community pioneers

Community Pioneers

Our ‘Pioneers’ are Members who have more time and energy to spare and want to be even more actively involved in our Trust.

Pioneers will get involved in all kinds of activities; attending meetings or taking part in discussion groups, recruiting new Members for our Trust and even fundraising.

Now  you're decided what type of membership suits you, why not sign up here.

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